Fond of Fendi

I used to be obsessed with Chanel bags but somehow have lost interest in the recent years. I still am a loyal fan of Louis Vuitton handbags because they have truly reinvented their designs to allow for more versatile colors and styles. My new fav handbag brand is Fendi. Majority of its handbags have moved away from the traditional Fendi logo design which I found to be very boring (sorry).  However, most of its new designs are either pretty and feminine, or young and fun. The beauty of their design is not the only thing that draws my attention, but its functionality, as well. These bags can be carried a few different ways, cross-body, shoulder, or carried by hand depending on your mood or the outfit you are wearing. Many of these handbags also have decent-sized rooms inside to hold our basic things, such as a phone, make ups, wallet and maybe a small bottle of water. In addition to its handbags, Fendi’s handbag straps, charms, and shoes are equally irresistible.


Without further ado, let me introduce to you my latest Fendi handbag addition, the Floral Embellished Kan I handbag. This bag is truly a beautiful piece. The light blue leather with scalloped edges somehow softens the boxy shape of the bag. Even though I love floral designs and embellishments, anything too flashy are not really to my taste. The floral embellishments on the front flap of this bag and the matching color studded enclosure are subtle and elegantly designed.  It is easy to match this bag with any outfit.  From the picture, the bag seems fairly small, but it’s pretty roomy inside with two compartments, as can be seen in the picture above. It can be carried a few different ways, as well.  Its top handle is removable, and the chain strap is long enough to be worn either on the shoulder or cross-body.

Click here to see more details.  Be sure to check out the bag and let me know what you think.




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