Prints for spring…

While I am sipping my coffee and watching the snow flakes outside swirling and twirling like graceful dancers, spring has made its way into my closet. How about a blouse with colorful prints? Not only do prints add character and interest to our outfits, in most cases, they also conveniently remove the need for accessories.

This Rochelle Printed Buttondown‘s pastel color combination and the butterfly prints gave me a flutter of joy on this cold, winter day. The relaxed fit of the shirt goes well with any kind of skinny pants or denim. This blouse comes in 3 other lovely color choices which made deciding on one quite difficult.


I love floral designs so much that I can practically live in them during all the four seasons. This casual Asbury Printed Blouse has a very soft and delicate feel. The vibrant and beautiful flower prints, scattered sparingly and tastefully, seem to come alive against the black color of the blouse.  A spark of liveliness amidst the dark and muted colors of my winter wardrobe, this blouse is a comforting reminder that spring is on its way, slowly but surely.


~ JJ

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