Walk in the Snow

No matter how much I wish for spring to come, I still love a beautiful and peaceful snow day! It seems like everything just pauses and takes a much needed breather. The only thing seen dancing and having fun outside is the snow, cheered along by the waving branches.

One good thing with the snowstorms and continuing low temperatures is that I get to wear all my comfy UGG boots for a few more weeks. UGG boots, short and tall are my yearly winter staples. This year, I fell in love with the UGG’s mini boots. Since I am petite, these short boots aren’t overwhelming on my stature, unlike some of the tall ones. Matched with a short sweatshirt, I look quite tall and lean, at least in the mirror. Lol!

The Mini Bailey Bow Brilliant is so comfy and easy to pull on and off.  The shaft of the boots come up slightly above my ankles. There are also embellishments on the side of the boots that add some sparkles to the otherwise plain and dull UGG boots.  These cute Mini Bailey boots come in 3 colors, black, chestnut, and garnet. Take you pick. You really can’t go wrong.

UGG Mini Bailey Bow Brilliant Boot

My other favorites from the UGG’s mini boots series that you might want to check out:

Classic II Mini Boot (You will love all the color variations in this style!)

Mini Bailey Button Poppy Boot (Oh flowers!)

Happy snow day everyone!




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