Flowers in the Grey

I find Boden’s new arrivals irresistible. I decided to get one more sweater before the winter ends. I love flowers. My dream is to open a small flower shop when I am retired. So, naturally, any apparels with floral designs and patterns never fail to bring me joy.

This Printed Sweater is soft and comfy. It fits true to size and sits right below my waist.  It comes in five different color/pattern combinations and I naturally went with the pink Floral Placement motif.   The contrasting dark and bold hues of the abstract flower prints are especially vivid against the light grey color of the sweater. Since the floral prints are only along the shoulders and sleeves, be assured that it is not excessively over-the-top, which seems to be the pitfall of some floral tops. Overall, it is quite a simple printed sweater that adds some color and fun to my daily life.


~ JJ

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