Roses in the Meadow

My newest love, the Reyes Printed Top, is from Anthropologie.  Yes, again. LOL! My obsession with Anthro has not lessened one bit over the years. What can I say…It has never failed in catching my eye (and heart!) when it comes to refreshing designs and unique brands.  It impossible for me to not love Anthro to pieces.  Consider yourself duly warned!

This top is by Current Air Los Angles.  Isn’t that a cool name?  Just as its name implies, the top is very light and thin. The crisp meadow green with contrasting white rose prints give this beloved blouse a fresh feel.  The length of the blouse is on the shorter side but is long enough for a tuck-in look.

What a charming blouse! The color, the prints, and the fabric.  Need I say more?



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