Labiotte and Koyuda

A short while back, a sweet and dear friend had sent a surprise package in the mail for me.  I opened it to find two delightful beauty items that have since been my daily companions.  I know we haven’t quite done any beauty product reviews yet so I’ll start off with these lovely gifts.

Labiotte lip balm and Koyudo lip brush

I am not one to wear much makeup but I have a few lip tints and lip balms that I use on a daily basis just so that I look presentable.  Imagine how excited I was when I unwrapped the first gift and found a wine lip balm by Labiotte.  Just a little background, Labiotte is a Korean cosmetic company that prides itself in using natural botanical components in its products.

Labiotte Wine Lip Balm in Red Wine

As you can see from the picture, the lip balm is packaged in what looks like a tiny wine glass which makes it such a unique gift.  The lip balm itself has a jelly-like consistency which is quite sticky to the touch.   Interestingly, however, once it’s applied, the stickiness goes away and it leaves a pretty hint of red on the lips.   Based on its product description, it contains wine extract and organic French seed oil which soften and moisturize the lips.  My lips do feel softer after application but it’s not too terribly moisturizing, if you ask me.  I personally really like it (especially it’s delicious scent) but was concerned about its stickiness if I have to apply it with my finger.  That’s where my second gift has become indispensable.  It’s a retractable Koyudo Lip Brush in pink that’s made in Japan.

Koyudo Lip Brush

I don’t have too much information on Koyudo brushes since its website is in Japanese.  From reading other blogs that cover Koyudo brushes, it seems that these brushes are well known for their quality.  Koyudo also carry lines that are for professional use too, albeit, at a much steeper price.  Based on the lip brush that is now in my possession, I can tell you that it’s very well crafted.  Unlike some other lip brushes that are incredibly stiff and unpleasant to use, this lip brush is soft but retains its shape which makes it easy to accurately apply lip balms and lipstick.  I tried using it to apply a matte lipstick and it worked beautifully.  It is small and portable so it fits even in small purses.  I like it even better because it’s pink!

Now, I am going to try and find out more info about Koyudo brushes.  I have a feeling I will be getting more brushes from them.










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