Embellished Sneakers by Coach

Hi Everyone!  I hope you are relaxing and getting that much needed rest.  As for me, weekend is a time for perusing and window shopping.  I love checking out store displays, especially when they are unique and artistic.

Today, I walked into a Coach store nearby which has revamped its interior not too long ago.  I am not sure if it’s just me but it has a  much more modern and luxurious feel than before.  What I noticed right away, aside from the new ambience, were the sneakers on display.  Have you seen their embellished leather sneakers?  Take a look at these chic slip-on sneakers with their glitters, sequins and star patches.

Slip-on Coach sneakers - C115 with sequins and star patches, C115 with Cherry Patches


Or this pair of lace-up shooting star sneakers that are ready to add a boost to your day.

Coach Lace-Up Sneaker - C101 with Shooting Start Patches


My personal favorite…the pair that left me bewitched, bewildered, and all googly-eyed is none other than this drool-worthy pink pair with cherry patch. Penguins, cherries and flowers co-exist beautifully in this design.

Coach Lace-Up Sneaker - C101 with Cherry Patches


Here is a closer look at the embellishments.

Coach Lace-Up Sneaker - C101 with Cherry Patches - closeup


I also learned that you can design your own sneakers at Coach.  Yes, you can!  Tada!

Coach Sneakers - "Create Your Own" sign


Check out these embellishments that you can add to select sneakers of your choice.




And maybe create something like this…

Coach Sneakers - Sample of create your own


Or add the embellishments to select bags like so.

Coach Embellishments on bag

Don’t you think it’s such a fun way to customize the design of your sneakers and bags?  Do you own any embellished sneakers by Coach? How do you like them?




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