When Flowers and Gems Meet Denim

Embellished Jeans_detail - Copy

Finally got my Aqua jeans in the mail!  The excitement and joy of opening and trying on the jeans made me feel like a two year-old unwrapping her favorite candy. I am usually an AG jeans gal with a few pairs of Rag and Bone, Paige, and Seven jeans. Recently, I grew tired of plain jeans, ripped bottom jeans, ripped somewhere jeans, that I started looking at jeans with embellishments. The wash of this pair of jeans (medium wash) matches the embellishment perfectly. Wait, did I mention that the embellishments are colorful flowers and gems!!! FYI,  this is the first pair of Aqua jeans I ever bought, and I absolutely love the embellishments on the jeans. Now, let’s see how it fits…

Wait, before I try it on, a little background on myself first. I am about 5 feet 3 and weighs 114 lbs. I have a smaller upper body and I am a little meaty on my butt and thighs. I wear many brands, designers, non-designers, you name it.  My style is somewhat mixed, anything from formal to sweats as long as it fits the occasion and makes me look decent. However, I do have obsessions over certain styles and material especially when it comes to tops, such as, anything with laces, with floral prints, not to mention,  tops that have a layered look. As for bottoms, I favor jeans over skirt and dresses. So back to my love for jeans, size 26 usually fits me for most brands, and size 25 for boyfriend jeans.

Here we go!  I am going to try it on now. Crossing my fingers… Oh wow, It fits really well except it’s a bit too long. I folded the bottom and problem solved! I absolutely love it! The fit, material, color, and style of this Aqua jeans met all my expectations and then some. Since the jeans itself has many pretty embellishments, I can simply match it with a simple short sweat top with a pair of sneakers for a casual look. Or, I can pair it with a blouse or sweater that is either solid color or with minimum prints and designs, and a pair of heels for a night out with the girls.

Embellished jeans_1 - Copy

The original price is $128 but I paid $108 during a Bloomingdale’s loyalist event.

Click here to see the item on Bloomingdale’s website and for details.

Can’t wait to share another nice piece with you all. Please check back soon for my next fashion finds (or flops). Happy shopping everyone!

~ JJ



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