It’s Not A Coat!


My purse is still smarting from all the holiday shopping and the last thing I should be doing is buying something I don’t quite need.  Of course, a trip to the mall with the intention of only doing returns didn’t go according to plan.  It was impossible not to see those big sale signs.  They were beckoning me to come in and peruse.  My resolve was strong until I reached Madewell, one of my go-to stores.  I told myself it would be okay to just stop by the sale section.  That’s when we met – my current favorite piece and me.

It was not in the sale section, unfortunately for my purse.  It greeted me as soon as I entered the store with its modern simplicity and a chic, slightly oversized, cut.  It is an extremely easy piece to wear.  Not quite a jacket, not quite a sweater and not quite a cardigan, Madewell calls it the Blazer Sweater-Jacket’.  It can be what you want it to be! It is that versatile!  It comes in two colors, gray and navy.  Normally, I gravitate towards navy but I feel that the gray shows off its details a little better.  I also fear that the navy would be a lint magnet. The material is not scratchy but soft with a substantial weight knit.  The collars can be worn as is or folded down.  I like the positioning of the buttons.  Not too high and not too low.  It can be paired with mock neck lace tops for a little romantic touch during spring time.  Or, throw it over a simple t-shirt, paired with distressed denim for casual days in the fall. During mild winter, it can also accommodate a sweater underneath.  I like to wear it with the sleeves folded up a little.

Standing at 5ft tall, weighing 105 lbs, it has never been easy to find a jacket/coatigan that fits well without tailoring magic. This year has been especially challenging with most coats boasting longer lengths. The XXS hits me mid-thigh.  It is oversized without being overwhelming or sloppy.   It is a little tapered at the bottom that makes it drape like a cocoon cut and is flattering on most body types, including a pear shape like mine.

A few days after I tried it on, Madewell had a deal – 20% off if you spend over $100 or 30% off if you spend over $200.  Needless to say, it is now the newest addition to my wardrobe and I suspect it will be one of my staples for a long while.

Click here and check out this item on Madewell’s site before it runs out.

~ Dee

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