A Many-Tasseled Top by Maeve

Flowers and tassels are the darlings of this season, as you most probably have noticed.  I  love flowers, so floral designs appeal to me more naturally.  Tassels, on the other hand, are never really quite my thing and I am still not sure that I like them universally.  I think they are fun and playful... Continue Reading →

Gorgeous Studs by Gorjana

Everyday, before I leave the house, I reach for a pair of well-worn and well-loved pearl earrings.  It has become like a habit, the last thing I do before I venture out and face the world.  I would like to say that the earrings complete my outfit but my daily routine affords me less than... Continue Reading →

The Quest for White Jeans

I enjoy browsing and shopping but not when it comes to getting a pair of white denim.  Finding one last year was frustrating and fruitless.  Frustrating especially for the sales lady who would bring piles of white jeans to the dressing room for me to try.  (*I am so sorry*) I tried all the different... Continue Reading →

Poetic and Sweet Camo Tees

My go-to pieces for the summer are undoubtedly t-shirts and light-colored, destructed, boyfriend denims.  I don't think I can live without t-shirts and I am especially taken with  the ones with interesting twists.  I like lace and floral prints but I am starting to feel a little "flowered-out" so no, you won't find them on... Continue Reading →

My BR Picks

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday. Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it and Happy April Fool's to the rest of you who have been tricked or are about to get tricked. 😛 A few days ago, I had a chance to visit a Banana Republic store while on a trip. ... Continue Reading →

Raffia Embellished Tote

Lately, I have been seeing wicker, straw and raffia bags lining the stores' shelves.  Not only are the use of these natural materials refreshing but they easily put one in a summer mindset.  Just seeing them make me think of warm, sunny days and picnics by the beach.  I have seen some that are shaped... Continue Reading →

Flowers at My Feet

Step step step and smile.  Repeat as necessary.  What's better than having spring in your steps? Having flowers at your feet! While on a window shopping spree, I saw these adorable and comfortable pair of blush color slip-on sneakers and treated to myself to a few of their snapshots.  Yes, I am quite broke from... Continue Reading →

Thank You, Everlane!

This is just a quick shout out to Everlane for its new line of underwear that is coming out on 3/26. After 40 prototypes, 2 years and made with ethical manufacturing, they are ready to show us their "simple, no-frills, no-bows, no bullshit" underthings.  I cannot wait to get my hands on them and believe it... Continue Reading →

Pretty in Simplicity

Happy Friday to one and all!  I hope the day has treated you well so far...and if it hasn't, remember that weekend is just a few hours away.  Hang in there. You've got this! Today, I am writing about a simple yet enduring piece that I recently added to my closet.  This is the time... Continue Reading →

Perfect Rain Jacket

Spring is around the corner (supposedly) and with it, rain.  What do you do on rainy days to stay dry? Umbrella is too much of a hassle since I end up battling it like a lunatic.  So, all these time, I would just dash from place to place and admittedly, still look crazed.  So, when... Continue Reading →

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