A Many-Tasseled Top by Maeve

Flowers and tassels are the darlings of this season, as you most probably have noticed.  I  love flowers, so floral designs appeal to me more naturally.  Tassels, on the other hand, are never really quite my thing and I am still not sure that I like them universally.  I think they are fun and playful in accessories and home decorations.  But in apparels?  Well, I might have found their charm in this Sawyer Peasant Top by Maeve at Anthropologie.

Sawyer Peasant Top by Maeve at Anthropologie

Chambray blue in hue with little white embroidered flowers,this lightweight peasant shirt is romantic, fun and flattering.  The bib design on this shirt works (trust me, there are so many that just don’t!) thanks to the lovely ladder stitches, spliced ruffle neckline and yes, tassel border detailing.  There are quite a few of these little tassels but they are perfect for the free-spirited feel of the shirt.

Sawyer Peasant Top by Maeve at Anthropologie_front detail

What I find most appealing is the construction of the shirt, the cut, which makes it very flattering in the shoulder area.  There is a very slight, subtle puff around the shoulders that makes me feel demure and ladylike. Nothing conspicuous like those worn in the Victorian era. Hah!  The three quarter sleeves are perfect for my small frame and great for the warmer days.  I do wish, however, that the elastic is a little tighter so that the sleeves can stay up for convenience.

Sawyer Peasant Top by Maeve at Anthropologie_back view

Sawyer Peasant Top by Maeve at Anthropologie_sleeve detail

All in all, it is a very pretty top to own.  It’s just so easy to throw it on with any denim or shorts to feel and look good.  I would, however, caution you against purchasing it at full price simply because some have complained of its quality, or really, the lack of it.  I strongly suggest hand washing this shirt (and most Anthropologie’s pieces) and air-drying it.  With all its little tassels and the ladder stitches along the seams, I can imagine the shirt quickly unraveling in the washer/dryer, along with your affection for it.

As for me, I did purchase it at a discount but I am contemplating waiting for a deeper price cut.  What are your thoughts?








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