Perfect Rain Jacket

Close Up of Perfect Rain Jacket by J.Crew in Navy Blue

Spring is around the corner (supposedly) and with it, rain.  What do you do on rainy days to stay dry? Umbrella is too much of a hassle since I end up battling it like a lunatic.  So, all these time, I would just dash from place to place and admittedly, still look crazed.  So, when J.Crew offered great deals, I decided to try their rain coat, aptly named the Perfect Rain Jacket.   And boy, oh boy, it is deserving of a hand clap! (Feel free to strut to the Handclap song by Fitz and the Tantrums.)

It comes in rich gold, navy and pink blush.  FYI, the pink is already sold out on J.Crew online.  The good news is carries it and they still have the pink in stock.  It’s the most coveted color among the three.  Don’t forget to ask them for a price match!  Nordstrom is accommodating like that.  Okay, now back to the jacket.

Personally, I like this water-resistant jacket best in navy.   Ever so versatile, the dark blue is an all year-round basic canvas that goes well with all prints and colors.  Also, I am quite taken with the contrasting red on the elastic bungee strings.  Red and blue – the color combination that always gets me.

Perfect Rain Jacket in Navy by J.Crew Front Profile

What makes this rain jacket so perfect?  It is preppy to perfection which is a J.Crew’s specialty, with a feminine and modern touch in its design. Truth be told, it has been a while since I am this keen on J.Crew’s items.  As much as I appreciate J.Crew’s classic styles, I have been looking for a little more interest in design lately.  This jacket is exactly what I was looking for.  It’s a modern take on a classic jacket with its slight high-low hem.  Also, the longer hemline in the back is slightly curved, which softens its look.  Its overall longer length also allows me to layer it over tunic-length tops.  Since I am quite short, it is even longer on me than intended, so I can even wear it over a short dress. As you tighten the elastic around the waist, it’s not only figure- flattering but it gives the jacket a little dose of feminine frills.

I like it…I really, truly like it.  I never knew I could be this happy with a rain jacket. Check it out if you are in need of a rainy day staple.  Perhaps, you’ll find it as perfect as I do.



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