Flowers at My Feet

Step step step and smile.  Repeat as necessary.  What’s better than having spring in your steps? Having flowers at your feet! While on a window shopping spree, I saw these adorable and comfortable pair of blush color slip-on sneakers and treated to myself to a few of their snapshots.  Yes, I am quite broke from all the shopping that I have been doing so I exercised a much needed self-control and left my wallet alone.  Pictures are free but those shoes aren’t.

Cole Haan Women's GrandPro Spectator Slip-On Sneakers in Peach Blush-Floral_Optic White

Cole Haan can be a hit or miss for me, both style- and fit-wise but I saw these Women GrandPro Spectator Slip-On Sneakers in the Peach Blush-Floral-Optic White on display and decided to try them on.  Oh my shoeness…just typing the name and color option alone wears me out but these sneakers are spring and summer perfection.  Although it’s called peach blush, I think it’s definitely more pink than peach. It’s also made of suede upper with leather trims for the flowers. See below for a closer look at the shoes.  Do you notice that each flower pattern is a little different? Also, the use of gold metal element with the leather trims make them stand out a little more. Details like these make my day. 🙂  With a focus on comfort, these shoes aren’t only stylish but but they are made for walking.

Cole Haan Women's GrandPro Spectator Slip-On Sneakers in Peach Blush-Floral_Optic White_closeup

I can already see them as the perfect partner for my white flared cropped denim but…*sigh*… I will have to be content with their pictures for now.  My wallet is thankful, though.  FYI, they have these shoes in gray floral, as well, for those of you who may not be as pink-obsessed as I am.



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