A Sunny Maxi Dress

Spring is my true love.  My heart is filled with delight as spring has officially begun even if the temperature has been a little slow to adjust.  I don’t ever want to skip spring since I am simply too fond of it.  However, I am starting to dream about summer vacation and eyeing some summer pieces fit for a getaway.

I am a typical pants and jeans gal for comfort and convenience reasons. Still, I fancy dresses.  I think dresses, both casual and formal, exude beauty and elegance that are simply incomparable.  Although I reserve most of my dresses for special occasions, there is one kind of dress that gets a lot more mileage than the others and it’s the maxi dress. Maxi dresses and summer are true and fast friends and you can’t possibly go through summer without a maxi dress or two. Here is a sun dress that I can’t wait to wear on my summer trip. (Drum roll please….)

This Paradiso Halter Dress in vibrant golden hue by One September is soft and flowy, just as what you would expect from a maxi dress.  What’s most intriguing about this dress, I think, is the prints.  Not only do the prints of Koi fish, flowers, and Birds of Paradise came together so beautifully, the color mixture of these prints blend together very naturally, as well. I also love how you can wear this dress two ways. You can either wear this dress as is or wear it with a belt and turn it into a midi dress.  The overall design of this dress with its flounced hem, gives off such a fun, sunny and happy vibe.  To top it all of, it is machine washable!  I can’t imagine a better dress for a summer getaway.



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