Raffia Embellished Tote

Lately, I have been seeing wicker, straw and raffia bags lining the stores’ shelves.  Not only are the use of these natural materials refreshing but they easily put one in a summer mindset.  Just seeing them make me think of warm, sunny days and picnics by the beach.  I have seen some that are shaped like little lunch boxes and some that come with lovely, vibrant colors and patterns.  I don’t know about you but I would really like to bring one with me during my summer vacation.

For practical purposes, not that it’s every practical to buy a bag one doesn’t quite need, I think a tote would be most useful.  Summer vacations usually involve the beach and the pool and that means having a bigger bag is key.  Here is a tote that I saw at Anthropologie during my window shopping escapade which taps into the current trend of using raffia.

Mansi Tote Bag from Anthropologie Front Profile

The Mansi Tote Bag  with its floral raffia embellishments and fringe edges is eye-catching, even from afar.  There are also little gems scattered about that make it such a  darling bag.  They come in both white floral  embellishments (neutral) and turquoise floral embellishments (turquoise).  To be honest I like both but the neutral option with white floral embellishments is an easier one to match with any outfit.  It is only embellished in the front so you don’t have to worry about placing your bag down or against the walls and ruining the embellishments on the back since there is none.  The cotton lining on the inside is a definite plus.  It also comes with both a magnetic and drawstring closure to keep the things inside the bag clean and secure.

Mansi Tote Bag from Anthropologie Detail

Ready for some fun in the sun?  Have a great Friday, everyone!








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