Gorgeous Studs by Gorjana

Everyday, before I leave the house, I reach for a pair of well-worn and well-loved pearl earrings.  It has become like a habit, the last thing I do before I venture out and face the world.  I would like to say that the earrings complete my outfit but my daily routine affords me less than 10 minutes to throw something on before I scramble out the door.  I can barely think about putting together an outfit most of the time, much less, completing one! 😛

Sadly, my faux pearls are getting quite worn and frankly, I think it’s time I explore other stud options out there.  I wanted something simple, something that would go with pretty much everything I own.  Also, I didn’t want anything too pricey since I lose things too easily.

Gorjana Chloe Small Studs _All Options

After looking around, I found that the Chloe Small Studs by Gorjana fits the bill perfectly.  Offered in silver, rose gold and gold, its’ charm lies in its modern simplicity and versatility.  They do go with almost everything.  My personal favorite is the gold although I am tempted to keep all of them.  For such small earrings, they are surprisingly striking in their own ways, thanks to their edgy, wavy surfaces and the shine on these little beauties.

Gorjana Chloe Small Studs in Rose Gold

Gorjana Chloe Small Studs in Silver

Gorjana Chloe Small Studs in Gold

I purchased them when they were on sale at Nordstrom.  If you are interested in them, worry not,  I have no doubt they will make the rotation again at some point.

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