They Don’t Always Work Out

One of my favorite brands, by far, is Anthropologie.  I am always in need of something casual but not without style.  I especially love their tops that always have that “extra something”.  I think the dresses they carry are beautiful but most are too formal for me. Their own brand of jeans and pants are unique and fit my body shape really well and it is not always the case with other brands that I have tried.

Layered white shirt - Copy

I ordered a few tops before the holiday when they had 20% off and the tag sale. Most of them didn’t work out though. LOL! The white top pictured above looks very summery and cute with a tiered bottom. It goes well with a pair of blue jeans and sneakers for a late spring and early summer wardrobe. Did I mention that I love anything in white! The problem with this top is that the material wrinkles too easily. The most important reason for returning this top, however, is that it is a bit too long for my stature. On the model, the tiered bottom starts from her mid waist, but for me, it sits right above my hip.


Bib shirt


Here is another white top which unfortunately didn’t make it to my keep list. (Yes, I meant it when I said I love white tops!) The material is a bit stiff but that is not my only reason for sending it back. The bib style, I realized, doesn’t fit me well. I have seen many women who wear similar styles and look chic in them. However, when I put it on, I thought it was just unflattering.  Somehow, it made me feel like a big baby wearing a bib.  Maybe it is because I don’t have a long neck?  Or maybe the “bib” was just a little too cute for my liking?  I am not sure but back it goes to the store.

Until next time, Anthro!



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