Triple the Chic

Henry Bendel

I have never been into statement jewelry.  This may seem silly but I am not sure how to wear them without feeling a little awkward.  They always look nice on others but not on me.  They are either too clunky or too colorful, too sparkly or too gaudy.  Lately, it has simply been one too many tassels until a leather bracelet caught my eye.  It’s called the Carlyle Triple Wrap Bracelet by Henry Bendel, which I am told is a relatively new offering by the store.  I particularly like it in the orange color.  It is the perfect vibrant hue to welcome spring.  Yes, I get that orange is usually associated with the fall but I would argue that this piece, adorned with little golden disks, is a fitting accessory for all seasons.

I have tiny wrists and the triple wrap with its adjustable length does the trick quite nicely.   I especially like the black and white stripe details on the other side of the bracelet that peeks out just enough to add interest.  Easy to put on, I know I will wear it often and joyfully.  I feel stylish wearing it, even with the simplest of outfit.  If you feel so inclined, you could wear it together with other bracelets although it is striking enough on its own.  At it’s original price point, I am debating if I should keep it.  I am told by the store associate that it’s leather but I would most probably wait until it goes on sale to grab it.  For those of you who aren’t as constrained by budget, I would recommend getting it now and enjoy this delightful pick-me-up to any outfits in the remaining winter months.

Click here to see more details about the bracelet.



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