Spring of Many Colors

Bold, lively hues and patterns by Alice+Olivia

It has been cold lately and snow is on its way again but no, don’t talk to me about adding to my collection of winter outfits.  Perhaps it’s due to a surfeit of winter clearance sales that are taking place everywhere or simply because I have had enough of the grey and cold winter days but I can’t bring myself to look at another winter item.   I yearn for spring to come quickly. I miss the gentle, cool breeze, the uplifting sounds of birds chirping and the sight of budding flowers that line the streets where I live.  I need colors to chase away the dreary gray of winter away.

Even if the groundhogs can’t seem to agree on when spring is happening, the good news is it has arrived fully and well in stores everywhere.  I see rich, vibrant colors in full display.  There are lace embroideries, bold stripes, polka dots, flower patterns in striking colors, and shimmery embellishments.  Sights of skirts and dresses in lighter, flowing fabrics together with arrays of colorful bags and shoes almost make my heart sing.  I am mesmerized with the bold palettes and interesting pattern combinations I see across different brands and stores.

It looks like many-hued outfits await us all this spring.

~ Dee




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