Rails Plaid Shirt

Nordstrom is having their winter sale and the first thing I searched for was a Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt.  I couldn’t bring myself to buy one at the regular price but at 40% off, I decided to take my chance.  After some back and forth, I decided on the white/indigo/blush color. While JJ is obsessed with lace tops, I am guilty of indulging in plaid shirts.  Admittedly, plaid shirts aren’t always considered most fashionable but in the right cut, fabric, patterns and colors, they are essential to achieving the ‘tomboy chic’ look.  In fact, I have been noticing more polished plaid patterns with weaves of colors in this year’s spring collections, in outerwear, tops and bottoms.  But, I digressed.

Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt Folded

The Rails plaid shirt is luxuriously soft against the skin.  It’s the kind of softness that embraces both comfort and quality.  The color combination of blue and white with a pop of vibrant pink is especially striking when paired with denim of all shades.  The cut is flattering and modern, and thankfully, without the high-low hem that I have long outgrown.   The shirt looks nice tucked in a little in the front, tied in the front or just as is.  I almost always roll up the sleeves 3/4 way.   The idea is to keep it effortless and casual while relishing in its comfort.

Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt with sleeves folded

A few quick notes – the shirt is not made of thick flannel material so no, keeping you warm would not be one of its attribute.  You can layer for the winter or wear it during spring and fall.   It’s made of 100% rayon and the care label recommends hand washing.  Not exactly a low-maintenance top if that’s what you are looking for.  Also, it runs a little small (go up a size if you prefer an oversized look or if you are tall-ish).  As for me, I stuck with my regular size of XS and appreciate the more fitted look.

I hope you take advantage of the Nordstrom Winter Sale before it ends tonight and don’t forget to try on the Rails plaid shirts if plaid is your thing.

~ Dee


P.S.  I am also in love with this other Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt in Navy/Petal/Pink, which, unfortunately for me, is still at regular price.  The color combination is especially pretty for the spring.  I tried it on and I must admit, the silhouette of this shirt is even better than the one in white/indigo/blush.  It is just a wee bit looser and a wee bit longer so there is a little bit more movement to the fabric. My dilemma now, should I just get both?




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