Romance in a Sweater

One of my grown-up wishes is to have a huge walk-in closet fashioned after Club Monaco’s stores.  Crisp and clean, everything is meticulously organized according to colors and themes.  I find it simply heavenly.  Especially this time of the year, the shelves are lined with dreamy, pastel-hued items from periwinkle blue to pink.  Their cashmere sweaters, in particular, are my perennial favorites and I have not failed to purchase them every year during their winter sale.  But, here we are, stepping into spring and a light sweater from Club Monaco has made its way into my closet.

Arlietta Sweater by Club Monaco_Back Detail

Arlietta Sweater from Club Monaco is a mixed-media top in which structure meets movement.  We have seen similar designs in other stores at least for the past year or two so it’s not exactly a fresh, new design.  But, I have to admit that this top is tastefully crafted.  All the details come together beautifully and speak of quality.


The knit is classic, wonderfully soft and is muted gray in color.  It makes for a perfect complement to the semi-sheer, pleated and sweet pink floral underlay.  The unassuming crew neck makes the split back that much more unexpected.  The front of the sweater is a tad shorter than the back. I think it looks best when paired with white or light colored denim. A little innocent, a little playful and a lot romantic , this top swishes gently as you walk and adds a spring to your steps.

~ Dee



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