Summer Lilies and Stripes

Overall profile of Lily Emroidered Jumpsuit by Floreat from Anthropologie

A lounging piece by Floreat, the Lily Embroidered Jumpuit in soft green hue with a gray undertone is definitely made for comfort (think soft pajama).  But, it is too cute to be worn just for lazying around the house.  (Not to mention, too expensive!)  I especially like the pretty lily embroideries against the subtle stripes.   Maybe because it’s light and airy, or because of its pastel color palette,  this romper makes me want to take a walk in a field of daisies, or have a picnic on a sunny day by the lake.  I know it’s terribly self-indulgent of me to even think about summer when winter has barely loosened its grip.  But, humor me if you will, for just a minute or two.  I can’t help but to dream of summer while admiring this adorable romper.

The material is certainly on the thin side but not fully see-through.  You can wear skin color boy short for modesty.  The material wrinkles easily too but it just adds to the free-spirited feel of this jumpsuit.  One good news for the petites out there, the regular length would fit you just fine.  The petite sizes have sold out so I went with the regular length.  Instead of the cropped length you see on Anthropologie’s website, it is a full length on me, ending around my ankles.  I know that cropped is this season’s darling  but full length in the case of this romper is actually flattering for my stature.

Lily Embroidered Jumpsuit by Floreat from Anthropologie

I would layer it over a simple white tank top it or even a white lacy bandeau. It can also be worn as a swim cover up.  With a hat and a pair of sandals, it is easily going to be my summer staple.

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