Rompin’ in Red

Happy Monday, Everyone! I hope all of you had a great start to your week. It was a struggle for me to get up this morning (thanks to daylight saving) but coffee came to my rescue and all is back on track.  I am starting this week off with a lively jumpsuit to set the tone for a hopefully, cheery week for all of us

Jumpsuits, or rompers, as I prefer to call them, can be a real hassle especially when it’s not a simple pull-on/off. I have never been convinced to get one with a zipper and certainly never one with buttons as I am always rushing to the bathroom.  A dress, you must agree, is certainly much, much simpler in that respect.  But, rompers have their own undeniable charm and they do instantly give you that put-together look, just like this one that recently captivated me.

The Abbey Jumpsuit by Anthropologie Front Profile

The Abbey Jumpsuit  by Anthropologie is unassuming in its design but it has these appealing qualities that won me over. First of all,  it comes in a vibrant orange-red hue which reminds me of red tulips.  It also comes in black and gorgeous Kelly green, as well.  I find the choice of fabric, the soft and crinkled weave, to be ideal in showcasing its color. Secondly,  I love empire waist on dresses and it turns out that I love it equally on rompers, especially when it comes with a self-tie sash.  High waist is magically leg-lengthening on me, especially since these are cropped in length. Third of all, scoop neck can sometimes be tricky but it fits me quite well here without being too revealing.  Oh, last but not least, it has…. yes, pockets!!!

The Abbey Jumpsuit by Anthropologie Back Detail

It can be worn to a casual outing and to a smart casual party depending on how you style it.  That scoop neck is begging for layered necklaces to jazz it up a little and heels are definitely a must if you are wearing this piece for an evening out.

Does this red piece perk up your day, as I hope it would?




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