Hello, Gorgeous!

Among the recent store displays I have seen, I like Maje’s the most. Even though I rarely purchase their pieces since they are on the pricey side (even with sales and discounts), I love to look at their beautifully designed items and check out their displays for style inspirations.

Maje Style Inspiration
Maje Style Inspiration

While my last posting is about a light-hearted top by Akemi & Kin, this dress is an absolute contrast in persona.  Darker and more somber, the Revant Long Print Dress is absolutely gorgeous in its execution, not to mention fitting for an upcoming St. Patrick’s Day event, if you have one to go to.  Green and black always look striking together.  Look at the beautiful lace that adorn its v-neckline and the subtle drama of its asymmetrical hem.  I find the pairing of the Aysel Belt (with its metal elements) and the soft, flowy dress to be perfection .  To add even more sass and edge, are the leather Fortune Studded Ankle Boots. How I love these boots!!!  Here is a closer look at the boots…

Maje Fortune Leather Ankle Boots with Studs
Maje Fortune Leather Ankle Boots with Studs

Thanks for the style inspiration, Maje!  It reminds me not to be afraid and mix and match different elements to create memorable outfits.



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