The Blue Bells


I love the color blue, any shades of blue, especially when it comes to clothing. Sky blue simply makes me happy. Ocean blue makes me dream of relaxing on a sunny beach. Navy blue, my most favorite of all blues, is the color of royalty and elegance.

This navy blue Miriam Bell Sleeved Dress by MISA is another dress I recently purchased from Anthropologie. It is a casual midi dress but definitely dressier than the sun dress I posted a few days ago. This dress has navy blue botanical prints all over with wavy maroon floral prints around the hem which gives it a more polished look. With tassels tie neck, dramatic bell sleeves, slits on the sides and a flowy silhouette, I have no doubt this dress will help create many photogenic moments on my next vacation!

Fit – Even though this is a midi dress, its more like a maxi dress on me since I am only 5’3″ and it works just as well!





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