Loft & I

As obsessed with Anthropologie’s clothes as I am, you may be surprised to learn that I do venture out quite a bit to find nice pieces by other brands, such as, Loft.  It has been over two years since I last ventured into Loft, so, when they had a 40%-off-everything sale a few weeks ago, I splurged without guilt. Lol!

I am excited to tell you that they have some seriously pretty pieces in their current collection and they fit really well too! What you are about to see is really a “garden party” haul since most of the pieces have flower designs on them.  Check them out below.

This Mosaic Stripe Bell Sleeve Blouse is very thin and light, just in time for spring and summer. I love how the bell sleeves are done just right and not unnecessarily dramatic.


What I love about this Floral Mixed Media Fluttered Sleeve Tee is the silky floral sleeves.
They aren’t as puffy as what I had initially feared and actually fit me really well. I feel awkward with any style of clothing with big and puffy shoulders.



Don’t you just love this pink shell? Those little gold buttons are so adorable.  Unfortunately this style is no long available but I have seen similar tops at Loft before.  So, keep a lookout on their tops if you are interested in this style.



The floral hem and the layered design of this Flowerbed Mixed Media Flutter Sweater makes yet another great addition to my summer wardrobe.


I absolutely adore the floral designs and the vibrant color scheme of this Carmellia Garden Tie Back Mixed Media Shell.



I am not a dress gal but this mixed print flutter dress definitely gets a strong buy rating from me. The contrast between the different shades of blue along with the beautiful floral design make this dress a summer-must-have!



As you most probably have figured out by now, I am truly and deeply in love with anything floral. Lol! I brought these two scarves with the intention of keeping one but I have decided to keep both.  The Flowerbed Scarf on the left opens up into a large square. The floral pattern might seem excessive but the white trim around the edges blends in so well with the floral design and makes the scarf less busy. The Floral Tasseled Scarf , on the left, is long and narrow. The cool color scheme and the white tassels give this scarf a simple and elegant vibe.



I had bought most of these pieces in petite since I am only 5’3″. The pieces above fit true to size and are all very comfortable. Loft is having its Friends & Family event right now with 40% off everything as we noted on the Weekend Deals ~ 4/20/18.  Do check out their offerings if you get a chance and don’t miss out.

Have a restful weekend and happy shopping!



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