Thank You, Everlane!

This is just a quick shout out to Everlane for its new line of underwear that is coming out on 3/26. After 40 prototypes, 2 years and made with ethical manufacturing, they are ready to show us their "simple, no-frills, no-bows, no bullshit" underthings.  I cannot wait to get my hands on them and believe it... Continue Reading →

Labiotte and Koyuda

A short while back, a sweet and dear friend had sent a surprise package in the mail for me.  I opened it to find two delightful beauty items that have since been my daily companions.  I know we haven't quite done any beauty product reviews yet so I'll start off with these lovely gifts. I... Continue Reading →

Roses in the Meadow

My newest love, the Reyes Printed Top, is from Anthropologie.  Yes, again. LOL! My obsession with Anthro has not lessened one bit over the years. What can I say...It has never failed in catching my eye (and heart!) when it comes to refreshing designs and unique brands.  It impossible for me to not love Anthro... Continue Reading →

Sweet Velvet

  Jersey tops are one of my wardrobe favorites. There is a casual chic vibe to them that requires zero effort.  You could throw one on right after rolling out of bed and still look put together. This Nadine Velvet Trimmed Top is such a pleasant surprise. It's so soft and cozy that it makes... Continue Reading →

Rompin’ in Red

Happy Monday, Everyone! I hope all of you had a great start to your week. It was a struggle for me to get up this morning (thanks to daylight saving) but coffee came to my rescue and all is back on track.  I am starting this week off with a lively jumpsuit to set the... Continue Reading →

Flowers in the Grey

I find Boden's new arrivals irresistible. I decided to get one more sweater before the winter ends. I love flowers. My dream is to open a small flower shop when I am retired. So, naturally, any apparels with floral designs and patterns never fail to bring me joy. This Printed Sweater is soft and comfy.... Continue Reading →

It’s Our Day!

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”  ~Coco Chanel Happy International Women's Day! Here is a toast to your beauty, your strength and your passion. ~ LacenPlaid        

Walk in the Snow

No matter how much I wish for spring to come, I still love a beautiful and peaceful snow day! It seems like everything just pauses and takes a much needed breather. The only thing seen dancing and having fun outside is the snow, cheered along by the waving branches. One good thing with the snowstorms... Continue Reading →

Stay Safe and Warm

To those affected by the Northeast winter storm today, we wish you safety and warmth.  Our special thoughts and thanks go to emergency workers who have to brave the storm and put other's well-being before their own. ~JJ and Dee

Oscar Ready

Is everyone ready for tonight's Oscar? I can't wait to see the extravagant and captivating gowns that will be showcased by the female celebrities this year! The Oscar to me is not so much about the awards but more about the fashion and glamour on the red carpet. On the red carpet, the credits truly... Continue Reading →

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